A new design has been introduced to the helical fittings, due to its simplicity and reliability. The success of the helical fittings is based in a small radial pressure exertied by each rod over a large area.

SAPREM offers the technical specifications for each type of wire (galvanized steel, aluminum alloy, ACS or CCS) and the optimal condition for the system to work perfectly.

The main function of the armour rods is to protect conductors/strands against bending, compression, abrasion and arcover damage and to provide restorative repair. They are usually installed in the suspension points.

The dead-ends have the main function to fix a pole the cables, conductors, strands, structures, insulators, etc. The area of the loop always must be protect with a suitable thimble, pulley, insulator etc.

The aluminium alloy crossing connection for double insulator has the main function to assure the electric and mechanical conductivity of the conductor, in the cross points, in the case it is broken.

A specialized technical team in helical fittings cable accessories capable of offering you the best solutions and responding to the specific needs of your project

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