The main function of the armour rods is to protect conductors/strands against bending, compression, abrasion and arcover damage and to provide restorative repair. They are usually installed in the suspension points.


SAPREM has created a denomination that together with the number of rods, diameter, length and colour code, will allow us to recognize the accessory.

TheSAPREM denomination for the armour rods is the following:

In spanish Varilla de Protección, in English Armour Rods, with two letters meaning the raw material which they are made from. AL (Aleación de Aluminio= Aluminium Alloy), AC (Acero Galvanizado=galvanized steel), AW (Aluminium Clad Steel-ACS), CW (Copper Clad Steel-CCS), AA (Acero aluminizado=Aluminized steel), and with two series of three numbers, they show the diameter range of the specified conductor.

Example: VPAL 093-099 is an aluminium alloy armour rods for a cable with a diameter range from 9,31 to 9,90 mm.

Besides, like it has been indicated, the colour code for the fitting, is the central mark, it is given to facilite the assembly. This denomination is completed with the letter D (Derechas=right hand lay) or I (Izquierda=left hand lay) depending on the direction of lay of conductor.

VERY IMPORTANT: The lay direction of the fittings must be identical to the outer layer of the specified conductor.

Finish and Appearance

he rods of the fitting are refaced in the ends to avoid damages in the assembly and to the specified conductor. Refacing of the ends is made by abrasion in the rods up to 4,62 mm. When the rods are of aluminium and the diameter is major or equal to 5,18 mm, are BALL- ENDED rods.These rods can be made with PARROT BILL ENDED rods, if the electric line requires this type of end for corona protection.

Each set of rods are tied with a ribbon of same colour of the colour code. When the rods are intended for the biggest diameters, they are tied with a plastic clamp, and identified with its colour code. .

All solutions in armour rods

SAPREM offers a wide range of solutions:

Armour rods

  • Aluminium alloy armour rods -for Aluminium, Aluminium-Steel, Aluminium-ACS-
  • Galvanized steel armour rods -for steel cables or strands-
  • Aluminium clad steel (ACS) armour rods -For ACS conductors-
  • Copper clad steel (CCS) armour rods -for copper conductors-

Repair sleeve when damage is 25% of the outer layer. Line guards

  • For Aluminium, Aluminium Alloy, Aluminium-Steel, Aluminum-ACS Alloy Conductors

If you want to know all the technical specifications, download the PDF document.

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