The Stockbridge damper is a system consisting of a messenger cable with two masses at its ends and a clamp that supports them; this clamp is attached to the conductor or earthwire with the purpose of reduction of the aeolian vibration on the conductor.

A damping spacer is able to disipate vibration energy on the sub- conductors by distorsion movement of some elastomer parts inserted between the clamp arm and the spacer body and these constitute a rotary mechanism or joint that allows a relative movement between both parts of the spacer, in particular and principally the rotation of the arm in relation to the rotary axis.

The Technical Department of SAPREM offers our customers an engineering service to give response to different requests as tests in laboratory span, damping studies and aeolian vibration field test recording.

This type of clamp has been designed for providing an extra protection to the conductor. The Armour Grip Suspension Clamp has a damping effect which improves the behaviour of the cable against the vibration caused by the wind (aeloian vibrations).

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