The aluminium alloy crossing connection for double insulator has the main function to assure the electric and mechanical conductivity of the conductor, in the cross points, in the case it is broken.


SAPREM has created a denomination that together with the number of rods, diameter, length and colour code will allow to us to recognize the fitting.

The denominationof SAPREM for the Crossing connections is the following:

Conexión de Cruzamiento de Distribución=crossing connection for distribution with the numbers, they show the suitable diameter for which it has been made. As you can see in the attached tables (SEE PDF Document) each fitting has an application diameter range.

Example: CCD 093-099 is a crossing connection for a conductor with a diameter between 9,31 to 9,90 mm.

This denomination is completed with the letter D if it is right hand lay,or with the letter I if it is left hand lay.

VERY IMPORTANT: The lay direction of the fitting must be identical, to the outer layer of the specified conductor.

Finish and Appearance

The rods of these accessories are refaced in the ends to avoid damages in the application and to the specified cable. The central area is cabled and is possible to use a side tie (RLO=Retencion Lateral Omega). These fittings are gritted inside, in the contact area, with a non-slip conductor material.

SAPREM offers you a wide range of Aluminium alloy crossing connections for double insulator -For Aluminium, Aluminium-Steel, Aluminium-ACS conductors-

If you want to know all the technical specifications, download the PDF document.

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