A new design has been introduced to the helical fittings, due to its simplicity and reliability. The success of the helical fittings is based in a small radial pressure exertied by each rod over a large area. To achieve this, the helical rod of the fitting has a smaller inner diameter than the outer diameter of the conductor to which it is applied, in a suitable proportion for the cable or conductor to fasten.

In such way that when it is put in the cable must not exceed the elastic limit of the raw material for the helical fittings. In this way a radial tension is created which produces the neccesary friction of contact.

Due to this tension from an elastic origin it assures a constant pressure, and if the fastened object is under a traction load, the press is increased at the same time as the load.

There are some basic principles for the use of our fittings:

  • Each accessory must be used in the way it was designed to to be use.
  • Each rod, cable or conductor needs one accessory for each function.
  • The helical rods should have and identical lay direction to the outer layer of the fastened cable or conductor.

Apart from this three basic principles, which go without saying for the people who understand our products. No other technical specification is necessary to assemble our fittings. As its characteristics are defined in the production process, the assembly is very easy, and it is not neccesary use any type of tool. However, if you need more information about this subject we have the assembly instructions for all the

For the identification of our fittings SAPREM has created a denomination that together with: the number of rods, diameter, length and color code will allow us to recognized the accessory. All this is indicated in our technical specifications.

We must once again emphasize, as extremely important, that the helical rods must have an identical lay direction to the outer layer of the specified conductor.

As it is very difficult to explain all the requirements of our customers, if you need a different fitting to the ones here specified, whether it be in function or parameters. Please consult.

SAPREM, reserves its rights to modify any of the specifications, denominations. Any modification will be communicated to our customers.

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