Low intensity obstruction light

Low intensity obstruction light beacon

Low-lntensity Light Beacon of SAPREM has been designed to warn the air traffic the presence of obstacles. SAPREM’s Low lntensity Obstruction Light Beacon uses LED technology and allows different configurations of luminous intensity, within the range of 10Cd, 32Cd and up to 250Cd, adapting to the requirements of customers and international Standards.

The beacon Light has a twilight sensor to control the switch on and off, which optimizes the life of the system.The system has been specially designed to comply  with regulations of the lnternational Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO):

  • Luminous intensity (Type A, Type B)
  • Beam pattern and elevation angles
  • Twilight sensor
  • Colour

The low power consumption makes the SAPREM’s Low-lntensity Beacon is specially optimized to work with an Stand-Alone System (Solar   Module),  as  well  as  connected  to  the  power   network.

SAPREM supplies all the elements needed for installation, like solar panels and hardware support. The design of these elements will be suitably dimensioned according to the type and place of installation.


LIGHT/ Optical Characteristics

  • Luminous intensity:
    • 10Cd (ICAO Low lntensity- Type A)
    • 32.5Cd (ICAO Low lntensity – Type B)
    • Configurable up to 250Cd under requirement
  • Horizontal beam pattern: 360°
  • Colour: Aviation red
  • Light pattern: Fixed
  • Light activation: Twilight / Night


  • Power network: 220Vac / 110Vac
  • Stand-alone system – solar module: 20W, 50W, 75W
    • Solar Module design will depend on the environmental conditions of the installation site and the luminous intensity of the beacon. Rechargeable Sealed Lead-Acid Battery (AGM)


  • Degree of protection: IP66
  • lntegrated fixation system
  • Operating temperature range: -10ºC / +50ºC


  • ICAO – lnternational Standards and recommended practices – Aerodromes Annex 14 Chapter 6
  • EMC (lmmunity): IEC 61000-6-2
  1. Solar module
  2. Solar module support
  3. Box
  4. Cable
  5. Light
  6. Light support
  7. Download clamp for cable






Luminious Intensity (CD)Solar ModuleNº Light


>10MS-11 10CD


>2 x 10MS-22 10CD


>32,5MS-21 32CD


>2 x 32,5MS-Y*3 32CD


>XXX CD (up to 250 CD)MS-Y*XXXCD

(*) Solar module will depend on luminious intensity required and environmental conditions of the installation area.

Descargar-Download (PDF, 1.73MB)