Warning light beacon for conductor

Warning light for conductor in high and medium tension lines

The Warning Light Beacon developed by SAPREM allows signaling the presence of power lines of medium and high voltage.
The cables suspended in high and medium tension overhead lines constitute an important danger to aircraft flying at low altitude. When these are located in the neighbourhood of airports, as well as crossings valleys and rivers, the lnternational Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) recommends that they should be lighted with beacons installing on the same cable.
The model of Warning Light for Conductor SAPREM uses the field created by the conductor as a power supply, resulting in a new morphology and making the installation in the conductor easier. Allowing marking even minor lines of 60kV. lt is unviable with the actual beacons, which use an auxiliary conductor.

To generate the light signal, the luminous beacon SAPREM uses technology LEO whose can be switched on and switched off can be controlled automatically by a twilight sensor. Using this sensor increases the lifetime of the beacon, while decreasing the time of maintenance. lt has the possibility of using auxiliary batteries that allow signing the line when it is a discharge.
This beacon has a transformer divided in two parts to make easier the installation on the conductor. The signal power is limited and regulated electronically. The light is red, fixed and uniform in 360°. The beacon has several options of operation, which should indicate on order. These options determine if the beacon is going to work with batteries and twilight sensor to switch when the level of environmental light is lower than a predetermined value or if is going to operate continuously.
The Warning Light for Conductor SAPREM, it has been designed in accordance with the recommendations of the lnternational Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). SAPREM has designed Luminous Beacons type A and type B of low-intensity (according to ICAO), for overhead cables in lines of Medium and High tension with a luminous intensity of 10cd and 32.5cd respectively.

  • Luminous lntensity:
    • 9BLC10CDXXX1 y 9BLC10CDXXX2 >10cd (ICAO Low-intensity Type A)
    • 9BLC32CDXXX1 y 9BLC32CDXXX2>32,5 c (ICAO Low-intensity Type B)
  • Light Source: Ultrabrilliant LED With auxiliary system to avoid switched off partial or total of the beacon
  • Output of Light: 360°
  • Color: Aviation Red
  • Light Patter: Fixed
  • Light activation: Switching on the light automatically during twiligh/night or continuous operating time (depending on option)
  • LED Lifetime: > 100.000 hours of continuous operating time.
  • Input voltage/ Current:
    • 10-15 Vdc 0,25A para 10cd
    • 10-15 Vdc 0,80A para 32cd



Luminous Intensity (CD)Description


>10Warning Light for conductor


>10Warning Light for conductor with battery and with twilight sensor


>32,5Warning Light for conductor


>32,5Warning Light for conductor with battery and with twilight sensor

(*) XXX: Diameter of conductor

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