Bird Protection

Bird Protection

Beacon marking by an automatic system

The aim of this project, developed in a P.I.E.I project, has been to unite the accumulated experience and available resources of both companies to automatically install lighting accessories which make the power cables easier to see, to avoid birds colliding with them, and also unpowered aircarft, helicopters, hang gliders, etc.
The company’s interest is due to the danger involved in people climbing along the lines, a danger which increases as the cable installation gets older, in addition to a concern for environmental factors.

Characteristics of beacon

Designed to simulate a bird of prey to minimize human visual impact and study the effect on birds.

  • MOBILE: It is designed to follow the wind effect, bending to the direction of the wind in extreme or normal conditions.
  • LIGHT: So as not to affect the operating conditions of the electricity cable.
  • VISIBLE: For birds, with the possibility of including different colours.
  • PHOTOLUMINESCENT, FLUORESCENT AND REFLECTING: The marker has central strips which improve visibility in twilight or fog, for example.
  • LOW AGEING RATE: As a result of the materials used.
  1. Ruber grip
  2. Neoprene strips
  3. Aluminium strengthening
  4. Photoluminescent, fluorescent and reflecting
  5. Stainless steel screws


Automatic installation machine

  • A machine fed by batteries has been built for the automatic installation of the markers. The weight of the set is 75 Kg. and it is simple, robust and reliable.
  • If the main machine breaks down another one goes along the cable to bring it to the nearest support.
  • The system can be operated from a distance of 500 m. The space between the markers is programmable.

1. The rotating jib is placed on the support, then the 1 machine is raised and placed on the cable.

2. The machine is driven to the previous support and 2 it comes back placing the markers.

3.After loading the markers, the machine is sent to 3 the next support by turning the jib.

4. If breakdown, an auxiliary machine goes along the 4 cable and returns it to the nearest support.







Semiautomatic installation machine

  • A machine lighter than the automatic one (17 Kg. including the markers) has been developed. It has a rope for moving the machine from the floor and a device to choice the distance between the markers.
  • The mechanism to place the marker is fed by a set of batteries and it is switched on by radio.
  • The machine is moved handled. Once the point to place the marker has been reached, the machine emits an acoustic signal. At this point, the operative actions the control and the piston pushes the marker placing it in the desired point.

1. The machine is raised by a pulley and placed on the cable.

2. The machine is handled moved along the cable by a rope fixed on the chassis.

3. When the machine advises by an acoustic signal the operative places the marker by radio control.







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